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Fynzo Survey


Spare few minutes to tell us about your experience

Question 1

Did you schedule an appointment by phone or did you drop in?

Question 2

How long did you wait in the reception area beyond your scheduled appointment time?

Question 3

Which department(s) did you visit during your appointment?

Question 4

How would you rate the competence of your doctor?

Question 5

Please rate the clarity of the doctor’s explanation of your condition and treatment options

Question 6

Were you able to see the doctor of your choice?

Question 7

Were your questions answered to your satisfaction?

Question 8

How would you rate the competence of the nurse who helped you?

Question 9

How likely you would recommend this facility and its staff to your family and friends?

Very Unlikely

Very likely

Question 10

Any feedback or concern? please specify

Question 11


Question 12


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