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Fynzo Survey


 Your feedback is really significant to us. Please contribute your thoughtful responses to help us get better.

Question 1

Was the interview you had on time?

Question 2

How welcoming was the receptionist's attitude?

Very Unlikely

Very likely

Question 3

Rate the interviewer.

Question 4

Was the job profile discussed in the interview questions?

Question 5

Was the interview process in general a good one?

Question 6

Rank the recruitment process.

Question 7

Are you satisfied with the feedback you received for your interview?

Very Unlikely

Very likely

Question 8

How efficient was the hiring procedure as a whole?

Very Unlikely

Very likely

Question 9

Would you kindly share your insightful suggestions with us so we can enhance our hiring procedure?

Question 10

If you are comfortable, share your contact information.

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