How to create a survey?

A survey is a structured way to collect information or feedback. Surveys can be used to gain insights on just about anything, from all kinds of audiences. Creating a survey can seem hard. Here at Fynzo, we help make it simple and easy for you. After all, surveys are an art and a science—but they’re not rocket science!

Steps for web panel :

  1. Click on the Survey -> Create New Survey

  2. Give a name to a survey and click submit.

  3. The survey has been created. Now you need to add your first question. You are redirected to following page to add your first question. Select a question type from the drop down and fill corresponding fields and click submit. Your survey is ready with one question in it. Go on and add subsequent questions.

Steps for App :

  1. Click on the plus button(+) at the bottom of the dashboard.

  2. Following pop-up will appear. Click on New Survey.

  3. You lands on following page. Now you need to enter name of survey. After that you need to select a survey view. There are two surveys view available , Conversational and Classic. In Conversational view, only one question appears at once. Next question appears after answering or skipping current question. In Classic view, all question appears at once on one page. User can scroll through the questions.

    After that click on CREATE to create the survey.
  4. Now the survey is created and you lands on following page.You see the survey edit page with no question in it. Click on Plus Button(+) at the bottom of the page to add your first question.

Take advantage of Fynzo resources, and you’ll create a survey in no time!

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