How to make a survey INACTIVE/ACTIVE?

The survey that has been deactivated (i.e., when your survey is no longer collecting responses), it means your status of survey is inactive. the following default message is displayed: “Sorry, this survey is not currently active.” You can change this message or status of your survey by following these steps: […]

How to edit a survey?

When you’re creating a survey you will most likely go through an editing process. Editing option can be used to access the details, such as, editing the Question or answer text, settings of the question, language and community. Also, editing feature will allow you to make changes to the survey. Steps […]

How to rearrange/reorder questions of a survey?

While your survey is still in Edit mode, you should be reviewing the flow of your survey. Will it be clear and logical for participants? If you wish to move around questions to make sure participants continue through the survey smoothly, the Rearrange Questions feature will prove extremely handy.  Steps […]

How to add/edit logo of a survey?

Add your logo to customize your survey. Including a logo on your survey serves many purposes. First, your survey will look more professional and complete. Also, for those already familiar or becoming familiar with your brand, the logo builds recognition and encourages participation. Finally, the use of your logo itself in […]

How to create a survey?

A survey is a structured way to collect information or feedback. Surveys can be used to gain insights on just about anything, from all kinds of audiences. Creating a survey can seem hard. Here at Fynzo, we help make it simple and easy for you. After all, surveys are an […]

How to add Thank You Page to a survey?

You can add a Thank You to the end of your survey. It displays after someone completes the survey. Each Fynzo survey should have at least one Thank You Page  Steps for Web Panel : Create a new survey or edit the existing ones. Click on New Question on the first […]

How to share a survey URL?

A Web Link is the most common way to share your survey. This link can be posted to a website, sent via email through your personal account. Using a Web Link is the fastest and most versatile way to distribute your survey and collect responses. Follow the steps to share […]

How to view responses in tabular format ?

Now your responses have come in, you might want to see how a respondent answered. Let’s see how to view results for respondents. Steps for Web Panel: Go to the Response Data section in left menu of Dashboard. Click the Tabular view section on the page.  Select the survey for […]

How to add a question to a survey?

It’s easy to begin the survey writing process by brainstorming a list of questions to ask. Your head’s full of questions you’re dying to ask your customers, and it’d be so easy to type them out in a survey and After you create your survey and name it, you can start setting up […]

How to add Welcome Page to a survey?

It can be quite jarring for survey respondents if your survey launches straight into your survey questions. Start your survey off right with a greeting page or text element to welcome respondents to your survey and build rapport. To do so, follow these instructions: Adding welcome page to a survey on Web Panel […]